One Music School Lesson Policy

| Online Lesson Policy

We will always do our best to be accomodate our students and provide them with the best learning experience and customer service possible. However, we are required to have certain guidelines in place to protect ourselves and our other students from potential abuse. These guidelines assist us in running our business as efficiently as possible, which allow us to keep our lesson prices at a reasonable rate. Below is a brief overview of our full Terms of Service, which need to be agreed to when purchasing an online lesson package from us.

  • All sales are final.
  • Customer is responsible for checking the teacher’s schedule for lesson availability prior to purchasing lessons or lesson packages.
  • Online lessons and lesson packages purchased will be good for 1 year / 365 days.
  • Lesson cancellations must occur within 24 hours of your scheduled lesson, otherwise student will lose a credit for that scheduled lesson.
  • A student not present for his/her lesson time will lose that lesson credit.
  • A student that is late to a lesson will not have their lesson time extended beyond the already scheduled time. For example, if a student had a one hour lesson from 1:00 - 2:00 and they did not start until 1:15, their lesson would still complete at 2:00 and they would not be provided a refund for the 15 minutes that they missed.
  • Technical issues are not a valid excuse for missing a lesson. Make sure your computer, internet connection, router, Skype and instruments are all working correctly in advance of your lesson. If you are having issues getting setup, contact us ahead of your lesson for assistance.
  • One Music School, LLC reserves the right to cancel a lesson at anytime for any reason. Student will not be charged a credit if One Music School, LLC cancels a lesson.
  • If a lesson or lesson package price changes, the new pricing only applies to new purchases. All existing lesson credits will remain the same.
  • One Music School, LLC teachers reserve the right to change their availability at anytime, without notice.
  • One Music School, LLC reserves the right to issue refunds or lesson credits as it chooses to do so, but is not required to do so in any situation or with any level of consistency.
  • One Music School, LLC teachers reserve the right to not teach any song or piece of curriculum for any reason or no reason at all. They are not required to provide a reason to the student.
  • Lesson credits purchased with a particular teacher, may only be used with that teacher. If a teacher were to resign, then those credits may be applied to another teacher.
  • While recorded lessons will likely be stored by One Music School, LLC for up to a year, we reserve the right to delete any lesson recording at any time. It is the student’s responsibility to download the recording of their lesson once it becomes available.
  • Quality of audio and video is subject to change at any time.

| Local Lesson Policy (in Appleton, WI)

Learning to play a musical instrument, like mastering any new skill, can be a very rewarding experience, but one must allow for a productive and comfortable learning environment in order to receive the most benefit. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment in which a student feels comfortable asking questions, making and learning from mistakes, and feels free to take ownership of his/her own learning.

Payment Requirements
In order to keep our operation costs down, we utilize an automatic withdrawal system. Students/Parents who pay in quarterly installments have the option to pay by personal check, online or by automatic withdrawal. Monthly payments require automatic withdrawal.

Security Note: The information required for the automatic withdrawal is the exact same information that would appear on a check, so this process is just as secure for you as handing us a check.

Every time an automatic withdrawal or online payment is made, you will receive an email notification with the time and amount of the withdrawal/payment.

Individual Lessons Payments
Students/Parents with individual lessons are required to submit payment before their lessons take place. The payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Quarterly payments can be paid in person by check or paid online. If you would like, we can also setup an automatic, quarterly withdrawals.
  • We also offer individual lesson students/parents the option to make monthly payments. Monthly payments will be made only via automatic withdrawal. You will receive an email notification and a monthly receipt when the withdrawal is made.

Group Lesson Payments
Group lessons are broken down into quarters. After each quarter, we will review the student’s progress and determine if they should stay in their current group or move to another group that is more inline with their skill level. Students/Parents taking group lessons will be required to submit a quarterly payment prior to their first lesson of the quarter. Payments can be made by personal check or paid online.

Group Lesson Note: The reason we require quarterly payments for group lessons is to protect our students from a cost increase during the middle of a quarter. An example would be if there were a 4 person group lesson where each student was paying $40 a month; if a student were to leave the group lesson (in the middle of the quarter) then all of the remaining students would have to pay $50 a month (the price of a 3 person lesson). We don’t feel it is fair for the remaining students/parents to receive a monthly price increase mid­quarter. By making one quarterly payment all students/parents are guaranteed to not have a price increase (mid­quarter) if one of their group members were to drop out.

Lessons will be hold once a week.

Cancellation Policy
If One Music School, LLC should need to cancel a lesson, you will not be charged. A full lesson credit will be given towards the next quarter’s tuition. A cancellation of a regularly scheduled lesson can be made up if it is during the same month of the cancellation and if we have a spot available. A lesson that is missed cannot be refunded due to studio fees and time constraints. If you are unable to make your lesson, please contact me prior to the lesson. A student not present for his/her lesson time with no prior contact will not be credited.

Weather Policy
Lessons at Heid Music will be held in inclement weather. Should the roads become too dangerous for travel, you will be contacted and lessons will be canceled.